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Corporate website

Are you the owner of a large organization?

Is it necessary to demonstrate the services / assortment of your company as clearly and colorfully as possible?

Creating a corporate website is the key to success in striving to interest buyers and partners.
A well-designed site attracts a large number of people,
and what is important – it inspires the trust of potential customers.
In order for your resource to have a competent structure and content,
you need to contact knowledgeable, responsible
specialists who will approach with understanding your tasks.
Ferrum team will find an approach to any of your preferences in creating turnkey corporate websites, performing work creatively and efficiently.
When ordering a corporate website from us, you get an effective result and the best solutions for your business!

Competitor analysis and target audience

We will stand back from competitors - we will make it so that you are chosen

Spelling text

We will lead the client by the handle: we will successively answer questions, dispel fears, and show arguments. Highlight before competitors.

Drawing design

Let's draw a design that will turn out really bright and unique.

Development site

Let's create your site based on the drawn layout. We test for different conditions.

Corporate page development:

  • Business card A site that contains all the basic information about the company

  • 10000

    • Template based design;
    • Drawing up a color scheme of your site;
    • Study sections of the site, based on the information you provide;
    • The appearance of the site adapts to all types of devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops, large monitors);
    • Creating and customizing feedback forms;
    • Website optimization for search engines Google and Yandex;
    • Connect online chat to communicate with your customers in real time.
  • Representation It contains more extensive information and is more like a complete booklet of products and services

  • 12000

    • The unique design of your website;
    • Logo design (3 options);
    • Drawing up a color scheme of your site based on the logo;
    •  Analysis of the information provided by the marketer;
    • Study sections of the site based on the analysis of a marketer;
    • The appearance of the site adapts to all types of devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops, large monitors);
    • Creating and customizing feedback forms;
    • Connecting online chat to communicate with your customers in real time;
    • Website optimization for search engines Google and Yandex;
    • Setting up Yandex Metrics and Google Analytics to track traffic to your site.
  • Online catalog It also contains price lists of the offered goods and services

  • 15000

    • Exclusive design of your site in the style of “Wow”;
    • Logo design (up to 6 options);
    • Drawing up a color scheme of your site based on the logo;
    • Analysis of your competitors, identification of strengths and weaknesses;
    • Drawing up a site development plan based on competitor analysis;
    • Analysis of the information provided by the marketer;
    • We connect our copywriters to write unique text;
    • Study sections of the site based on the analysis of a marketer;
    • The appearance of the site adapts to all types of devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops, large monitors);
    •  Creating and customizing feedback forms;
    • Connecting online chat to communicate with your customers in real time;
    • Website optimization for search engines Google and Yandex;
    • Setting up Yandex Metrics and Google Analytics to track traffic to your site;
    • Setting contextual advertising in search engines Yandex and Google;
    • Setting up advertising on social networks;
    • Help and maintenance of the site for 3 months.

Have a question? Perhaps we already know the answer.

What is a corporate website?

A corporate site is a site of a company, its official virtual representation on the Internet. The corporate website contains the full amount of information about the company itself, about the scope of its activities, the products and services offered. Often on a corporate website they place a catalog of products and additional services – a forum, polls, newsletters and the like.

What tasks does a corporate website solve?

1. providing round-the-clock access to relevant information;
2. automatic acceptance of orders and their processing;
3. conducting surveys and research;
4. conducting advertising campaigns;
5. mail processing, organization of mailings;
6. expansion of the customer base and geography of sales;
7. ensuring recognition among potential customers.

What is the difference between the Corporate site and the Landing page?

A corporate site differs from a one-page site or landing page by a multi-level structure and large amounts of information, as well as the ability to:

1. integration into the internal corporate network;
2. document management and accounting;
3. management and visualization of business processes;
4. advanced management of the mail server running the POP3 protocol;
5. clustering of a web resource, i.e. its geographical distribution on several servers in order to improve portal accessibility and its scaling under heavy loads; automatic sending of messages (Push & Pull);
6. full integration with mobile versions of online stores;
7. A / B testing for conversion, with changes in the architecture and design of the site;
8. advanced web analytics necessary for successful marketing events, etc.

Such a corporate portal focuses primarily on existing and potential business partners, as well as on the media.

Stages of creating a corporate website?

1. Business intelligence. This is the formulation of goals and pre-project research: analysis of the target audience, competitors, competitive advantages of the customer. Creating a budget.
2. Creation of TK. This is a detailed work plan, approval of design decisions and programming features.
3. Creating a structure. The arrangement of elements and blocks taking into account the selected layout layout.
4. Prototypes (adaptive). They allow you to quickly coordinate all the details of the project and avoid mistakes at the design stage. At this stage, the site’s structure is thought out, which allows for high conversions and sales.
5. Design (adaptive). The visual component for corporate sites and portals is especially important. The appearance and interest of the client in you or in your product depends on the appearance. The graphic concept is usually worked out on the example of the main page.
6. Layout (UI element base). Layout of HTML-pages of a site based on design, i.e. translation into HTML-code. Correctly made up site works the same in all browsers and at any screen resolution.
7. Development (programming). A content management system is installed on the server, the required changes are made to the code. They configure and program the modules. Interactive pages appear on the pages: links, forms, buttons, etc.
8. Integration (corporal + CRM-databases and telephony + automated document management and accounting and others). The control system is integrated, the server and the database storage security system are configured.
9. Content creation. If texts, photos, videos are provided by the customer, he should take care of their timely preparation.
10. Proper placement of content. Images and animation should not distract from the text, the text should be divided into blocks, easy to read.
11. SEO development. SEO-responsive sites are initially aimed at promotion and quickly rise to the top of search results.
12. Tincture of servers (hosting). At this stage, testing the resource and evaluating its performance. Correct errors in the code and incorrect layout, check the content for uniqueness.

How can I attract customers to a corporate website?

1. SEO
Unfortunately, this method will not give you a quick result. Internal optimization and a blog that closes the semantic core for the most relevant queries is a great way to advance in SERPs, but it takes time: at least 3 months will pass before you feel the effect of SEO optimization.

2. Contextual advertising
Moving through context is a quick way to reach your target audience. The main thing is to correctly compose the semantics and create good banners that will encourage the client to click. This is a paid promotion method, but it can bring you a quick and stable result.

3. Social networks
Where do modern users spend 80% of their internet time? In social networks! VKontakte, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube are a bonanza. Advertising, viral content, newsletters … A competent SMM-strategy can give you a lot of high-quality leads.

4. Email Newsletter
If you have a base, then selling letters is an excellent method of attracting targeted traffic to your site. True, keep in mind that email marketing requires a professional approach. The option “send it myself” is unlikely to work here. The title, the structure of the letter, and its design are important.

5. Guest posts
Posts or articles on popular blogs can be a good advertisement and a good platform for promoting the company. The main condition is audience compliance. If you are into computers, it would be a little illogical to publish an article / ad post on a gardeners blog. Sometimes this requires serious investment, but if you offer quality and interesting content, then many resources will agree to cooperate for free.

How to decide on the design?

First you need to decide on some design rules:

1. Website, we do not for you, but for your customers
2. The site should have convenient navigation, your potential client should find the necessary information as soon as possible
3. The design of the site should match your theme
4. The design of the site should be stylish, easy-looking, memorable, and at the same time, not distract your visitor from the information that you post on the site. The main thing on the site is information.
5. If your site has large textual information, then the background of the site should be such that the text is easily perceived.

What should, and can be located in the design of the site:

1. The name of the site or the slogan, so that the visitor gets to your site to understand where he is. It happens that only from the text you understand that you are on the site of a real estate agency, and not on the site of a company that sells flowers.
2. At the top of the site (the header of the site) it would be nice to place a pair of phones so that the client could immediately call you (more, not recommended, but the client would not get confused).
3. For a collage, you can pick up thematic drawings or photographs.

But all this is written, only so that you understand what aspects we will take into account to create the design of your site. You do not need to think over any of this, we will do everything!

How can I transfer my site to third-party hosting?

You? No way.

We will do everything for you!

After completing your project, we will transfer your new website to a third-party hosting absolutely free of charge and solve all technical issues.

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